A Tradition

Way back in the 1950s, summer cottagers, mostly young American partiers staged a send-off to Old Man Summer on Labour Day Weekend. Festivities included a “wake” and parade of decorated cars through the streets of Crystal Beach with the traditional Viking Burial of Summer out in Lake Erie near the Palmwood Hotel. As years went by, the colourful end of summer event diminished and disappeared altogether. The Friends of Crystal Beach brought back the parade and “burial” tradition early in this century and it has grown and changed to reflect modern times. There is no longer a burning casket floating out in Lake Erie. That was replaced by a speech-filled celebration of another wonderful summer in Crystal Beach. The casket carrying Old Man Summer was still there but the theme of the parades has evolved to include kid-friendly characters and the tossing of candy to kids as the parade progressed its way through the village.

The culmination of the End of Summer Parade in 2017 included sky-divers wearing superhero costumes and Old Man Summer was given a rocket-propelled send-off in the staging area behind the Crystal Ridge Community Centre off Rebstock Road.


The End of Summer Parade in 2018 was cancelled for a number of reasons, the main one being that the staging area behind the arena is now under construction for new recreational venues. Hopefully, by the end of summer 2019 the construction will be completed and the parade can return.

Photos from the 2017 End Of Summer Parade

MPP Wayne Gates and Parade Chair Shirley Grace
Old Man Summer Blasts Off
Mayor Wayne Redekop Addresses the Crowd at the End of Summer Festivities.
Super Heroes Arrive!

Photos from the 2016 End Of Summer Parade

The Crystal Beach Candy Co.

Photos from the 2015 End Of Summer Parade

Photos from the 2014 End Of Summer Parade