It was just announced that the US death toll from the Corona-virus has reached 2000, doubling within a short time. The border is closed except for essential traffic; schools are closed as well as many businesses and public venues. I have been reading about cancellations of future summer events. The Olympics, set to take place in Japan this summer has already been postponed for a year.

At this time, we at the Friends of Crystal Beach have not cancelled any of our summer events – yet. We will certainly keep everyone informed if anything changes, but we have to be realistic. It is predicted that the worst for the US is still 3 weeks away. Canada is a little behind the US, but we’ll get hit hard just as every other country has during this pandemic. Our first Sunday Waterfront Concert is on July 12 when The Meteors will perform; then the Circle of Art is slated for Saturday, July 18 followed by the ever-popular Toronto All Star Big Band on Sunday, July 26. Two other concerts and the End of Summer Parade are scheduled to take place in August.

We are ever mindful and grateful for our great summer residents, most of whom come over from Buffalo to enjoy our beautiful shoreline and summer life. They may not be able to come to Canada if the border is still closed this summer.

Right now, not-for-profit groups and charities are suffering from money problems as the gaming revenue from Uncle Sam’s or Golden Nugget is not coming to them since the halls are closed. The FOCB usually meets at the Crystal Ridge Library which is closed for now, so our meeting schedule is up-in-the-air.

We are all lucky that we are able to keep in touch through the internet and apps that allow video chats. It has been a bit difficult to update this website as just about everyone who has a website on Go Daddy is on line, updating their websites. I find that Facebook is the best place to post information for our members and the public at large. We are also grateful that grocery stores remain open and supplies are available. Local groups. such as the Ridgeway Lions are providing free meals to be picked up from the Crystal Ridge Community Centre on certain days of the week. Again, Facebook is the place to check out the latest. You do not have to be a Facebook member to visit the FOCB page.

Stay safe and well. Contact us if you have any questions at or call me (Sharon) at 904-992-0105.


President … Don Lubberts

Vice President … Gayle Martineau

Secretary/Treasurer … Sharon Bowers

Director ,,, Ruth Bruyns

Director … Jim Merrick

Director … Ray Rivard